DJ Joe Tetzel (left) with Zach and Suzanne

DJ Joe Tetzel (left) with Zach and Suzanne

As owner of T-ENTERTAINMENT, I bring over 25 years years of experience as a wedding and special event DJ. I started in 1984 in the Akron and Cleveland market and i have been fortunate enough to have provided premier quality DJ services at thousands of events – primarily weddings.


The most important decision you make

I understand that each wedding or event is unique and that makes me a valuable resource in your reception planning. Any “DJ” can buy great equipment (although most don’t) and lots of music. However, it takes a special talent to be more than just a DJ – knowing how to keep the reception schedule on time, being comfortable speaking clearly in front of 50 or 500 people, understanding YOUR music choices and styles, and creating a killer dance mix that keeps the dance floor full. That’s why hiring a professional for your wedding entertainment is possibly the most important vendor decision you can make.

Please call me so we can meet.  Coffee is one me. I believe that meeting in person is the only sure way to find the person that you can trust with your special day. There is only one chance to make the day perfect, and you can trust me to make it happen.

To be sure your wedding reception is the BEST it can be, I will always:

  • Coordinate with other vendors such as caterers and photographers.
  • Be polite and professional when interacting with you, your guests and other vendors.
  • Offer you ideas and advice about the special moments during your reception such as special dances, introductions and announcements, toasts, cake-cutting, bouquet toss, etc.
  • Have a wide range of music to meet the diverse tastes of guests of all ages.
  • Give personalized attention to your event, consulting personally with you as many times as needed
  • Serve as Master of Ceremonies, coordinating and making all announcements.
  • Accommodate special requests even at the last minute.
  • Show up early, have all equipment setup and looking clean and classy well before any guests arrive, and be 100% reliable.